Data scientist


Functie Data scientist

For our client, a financial company in the Amsterdam region, we are looking for an interim Data Scientist.

The right candidate has the following skill set:

  • Programming/Scripting
  • Known with languages such as Python, R, MATLAB, C++
  • Able to write clear, clean and testable code
  • Familiar with most applied modern statistics methodologies such as Nnets, Forests, Boosting
  • Quantitative analysis. You have the ability to read, understand and communicate, clearly and quickly, mathematical concepts and modern statistical methods models
  • Data processing skills. Able to handle large sets of structured and unstructured data sources. Comfortable with data wrangling and manipulation
  • Data visualization. Familiarity with tools such as Shiny, Qlik, JS and D3
  • Data tools. Familiarity with different data-base tools such as SQL, MondoDB, ElasticSearch. Included here are cloud platforms such as Azure and distributed computing like Hadoop tools
  • Strong affinity with financial markets and asset management
  • Collaboration tools. Full proficiency in Git or similar.


Financial company in the Amsterdam region.

Start datum


Duur opdracht

Approx. 6 months with possible extension.






Luc Doeve
Luc Doeve
Mobiel: (06) 1468 0407