functioneel applicatie beheerder


Functie functioneel applicatie beheerder

The Functional Application Manager has the following tasks to perform:

  • Change requests; support the PO in detailing the change requests submitted from various stakeholders
  • Testing: Organize and execute User Acceptance testing of changes in collaboration with the countries
  • Documentation: maintenance of user manuals, work instructions, etc. in case of changes
  • Change management: support the countries / end-users in the modifications made and possible impact on their day-to-day operations
  • Incidents: support the Technical Application Management team of IT in assessing incidents reported
  • Watch list management: ensure that watch lists (Sanctions, PEP, other) are up-to-date and processed properly i
  • User management: arrange the access of end-users with IT, safeguard with countries that no unauthorized persons have access
  • Country questions: manage questions from countries on the use of the system
  • Communication to countries: keeping the user community up-to-date on activities through regular meetings and ad-hoc communication
  • Table management: number of configuration tables are to be maintained


The system plays a very important part in the onboarding and regular review of clients in relation to the integrity profile of that client and its related parties. This financial institution needs to ensure no business is done with organizations and individuals which are on sanctions lists or are involved in money laundering / terrorist financing.

The Functional Application Manager plays a vital role in the maintenance of the system and the proper use of it in the various countries globally using the system. The Functional Application Manager works closely with the Product Owner (PO) who determines the requirements and priority of the further development of the system.

Start datum

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in financial institutions
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the maintenance of financial systems
  • Knowledge of Compliance and more specific of Anti-Money Laundering and related regulations is preferable
  • Test experience is must-have
  • Excellent communication skills
  • SAS experience is preferable
  • Ability to Languages: good control of the English language in both word and speak




Luc Doeve
Luc Doeve
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